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Below are some observations Dr. Baden pointed out.

Dr. Michael Baden reviewed the autopsy report, toxicology and prior medical records of Christopher O'Connor. As well as the kodachrome slides, clothing, formalin-fixed tissues and microscopic slides at the New York City Medical Examiner's Office.

Dr. Baden stated "the microscopic slides, prepared from an area of discoloration in the muscles of the back of the neck, showed very fresh hemorrhage with no cellular reaction about the first cervical spine. These findings are of an injury that occurred near the time of death and are consistent with neck compression."

"The autopsy and toxicology findings and the recently made microscopic slides indicate that Mr. O'Connor died either of acute alcohol intoxication, of neck compression, or of a combination of both."

"To properly distinguish among these possible causes of death requires, in my opinion, further police investigation and interviews with possible witnesses to Mr. O'Connor's last few hours of life."

"Of interest is that the position of the body in the scene photographs suggests that it was moved to that position after death. Examination of the clothing would normally assist in clarifying this issue. Unfortunately, although dry at the scene, the clothing had not been properly preserved, had become wet and moldy and his shoes were missing."


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