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Time Line
Events leading up to the death of Christopher O'Connor

April 10, 1987 (Friday PM)
10:30pm - Christopher O'Connor and two friends arrived at L'Amour East (also known as "The Edge"). The bands Motorhead and Savage Grace were playing that night.

April 11, 1987 (Saturday AM)
2:30am-3:00am - Frank O'Connor (brother who met Christopher O'Connor at the club) & Vinny Cavasos went looking for Chris while at L'Amour East. He was told that bouncers took Chris out the side door. He went looking for Chris. He did not see him so he took Chris's jacket and credit cards and went home.

4:00am - Riza Dekidjien (Portor (employee) living at L'Amour East) went to sleep. He did not see or hear anything before retiring.

4:10am - Bouncer Basil Mantjos left via front door. Saw nothing unusual.

4:15am - A witness waiting for a car in front of club saw two guys in front "really drunk" and "pushing and shouting at each other". Noticed heavy set white male on phone making a call; other male was oriental and slim. White male fell to the ground several times.

4:21:57am - Chris called the police from a pay phone. Start of 911 Tape.

4:25:22am - Conclusion of 911 Tape.

4:26am - Chris made a collect telephone call to friend. "they have my jacket . . . . I'll take care of it"

4:27:49am - Police officer David Churchill dispatched to Hillyer and Queens Blvd.

4:15-4:30am - Bouncer Robert Drogalis leaves via front door. "saw some people standing in front but all quiet"

4:37am - Police arrive at pay phone used by Chris for the 911 call and says "there's nobody here. Mark it as a 9DX"

4:30-4:45am - Witness affidavit states he saw an argument between Christopher and bouncers. Chris was trying to get back into the club to get his jacket. He saw three or four bouncers drag Chris through the front entrance of the club and through a door on the right just inside the front entrance. Witness waited about 5-10 minutes and left.

4:30-4:45am - Bouncer Charles Bambauer left

5:00 or 5:30am - Manager of establishment, Mike Marciano, left by side door (where Chris O'Connor's body was found). He said no one was there.

1:45pm - Chris O'Connor's body was found by Riza Dekidjien lying face up by dumpster in back alley of club. Deceased was wearing grey pants, gray w/ maroon stripe polo shirt, brown belt, and black sneakers.
***Note: Riza Dekidjien was later found bludgeoned to death at L'Amour East (days before he was suppose to speak to attorneys for the O'Connor family) -Unsolved murder -Unforced entry.

3:45pm - Medical examiners notes for Chris O'Connor: Rigor-fixed, Lividity-Not fixed, Superficial abrasions found on abdomen and back.

Medical Examiner, Dr. Josette Montas, states that final cause of death is acute ethanolism.

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