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Dr. Douglas Miller's findings -Dr. Douglas Miller reviewed the autopsy report of the Medical Examiner at that time, Dr. Montas; the scene investigation report; the OCME Toxicology report; various other documents prepared by or for the attorneys handling the case, including a report by Dr. Joseph Tagliamonti, a forensic pathologist; a memorandum from Mr. Richard Guarnero; an account of the visit to the ME office by Dr. Tagliamonti by Mr. Myron Beldock, who accompanied him; some copies of newspaper articles about the case; and an affidavit of Mr. Hisoo Lee, giving his account of the last evening of Mr. O'Connor's life; and a page of a letter about the case from Dr. Michael Baden. More importantly, Dr. Miller personally visited the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York on October 29, 1999, together with Joyce Morin Utz and two of her associates. There Dr. Miller reviewed photographs of the deceased (in the form of 2x2 projection slides) of the body at the time of autopsy, including various views prior to any incisions and some views during the autopsy, and the histologic slides of various organs and tissue.

Dr. Michael Baden's findings -Dr. Michael Baden has since been involved with the OJ Simpson case.

In a memo from Mr. Les Trager, after talking with Dr. Tagliamonti, he states "that Dr. Tagliamonti did feel that the alcohol weakened Christopher O'Connor as to allow him to be killed by what would otherwise have been a non-fatal beating. Dr. Tagliamonti said that the autopsy showed pulmonary edema in the lungs (fluid) and this would compromise his ability to breath. This pulmonary edema would be caused by a circulatory condition which in turn could be caused or brought on by the alcohol. In effect, alcohol acts as an anesthetic."

Dr. Tagliamonti also felt "that if the deceased has choked himself, as often occurs in alcohol poisoning cases, he would have ended up face down as shown by lividity. This did not occur. It was Dr. Tagliamonti's opinion that had Christopher O'Connor not been beaten, he would be alive today."

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