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chris o'connor

This 22 year old man was found dead in the parking lot of the L'Amour East (also known as "The Edge") nightclub in Queens, NY on April 11, 1987. According to the scene investigation report, the clothed body was lying face up. The previous night he had placed a call to 911 to report that he had been beaten, and various witnesses report that he was at the club, was in a disagreement with the "bouncers" for the club, that he had been thrown out of the club, and, according to one witness, was seen to re-enter the club and to have been taken to its basement by the bouncers.

You Can HELP:
We believe that several additional witnesses both to the public assault on Chris, and within government offices to the cover-up, are available. Private investigators have determined that at least 25 unidentified people may have important evidence concerning this case.

The New York state crime victim's board declared that Christopher's death was the result of a crime and awarded the O'Connor family $2,500 for funeral expenses (which covered very little of the cost of burial), but it at least showed that someone in state government was honest...
Nothing more was ever done to help solve this case.

On 9/19/02, Michael Salem interviewed with Mark Furhman, a radio talk show host and author, about his leadership role and membership for many years with the wonderful support group Parents Of Murdered Children (POMC). Mr. Salem showed Mr. Furhman a double connection to the Kennedy family regarding Christopher O'Connor's case, with the Cuomo's (the former Governor's son, Andrew) marrying into the Kennedy family, as well as city Councilman Povman being the main honcho in the John F. Kennedy regular Democratic club. Mr. Furhman's must read book,"MURDER IN GREENWICH" shows how the powerful Kennedy family might have thwarted the justice system. However, Justice finally prevailed because of Mr. Furhman's ardent pursuit of the case of Martha Moxley, where Skakel, a Kennedy relative, was convicted of murdering Martha Moxley 27 years ago. Mr. Furhman indicated his interest in Christopher's case!!! So maybe we will have a book in the near future titled "Murder in New York City"... you never know. Watch out Queens County!!!!!

The NYPD reopened two cold cases of Christopher's death and the murder of the witness to his demise, Riza Dekidjiev. Please contact us ASAP at investigator@helpchristopher.com or by phone @ 212-697-0644 if you have any info.


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