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A Poem of Rememberance
By Doctor Edward M. Segal
Grieving Parent -Dedicated to his son Jonathon, Michael Grecco, Christopher O'Connor, and all the other young angels that left us before their time.

Out there in another place,
There are crying souls with saddened face,
Deprived of their right to procreate,
They met a premature and violent fate....

Taken from them two thirds their lives,
Angels for whom we love and cry,
Day and night a lonliness burns,
For them with empty hearts we yearn.

An eternity ago they were alive,
With dreams and hopes they planned and strived,
Remembering a loved ones face and voice,
To lose their life was not their choice.

So now we go through all the motions,
For such a loss there is no potion,
All our love and all our devotion,
Turned sad and hopeless emotion.

To take away a sacred life,
To add the pain of endless nights,
For those at fault there comes a day,
When their turn will come to pay and pay.

To take one soul affects ten lives,
The loss is final,
There is no reprise,
He has said "Thou shalt not kill",
To take a life defies his will.....

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